ParadigmTV is Ready

I am passionate about people and story telling. A story can come from a combination of words, images and videos. In the end it’s up to you to choose what describes you best. Behind every life lived is a great story. ParadigmTV is ready to help tell it.


A self proclaimed film fanatic and lover of the moving and still image. Capturing a single moment in a frame can tell quite a story and video can give added layers to that story. I have always been there to capture the moment on film, video and now with devices that fit in the palm of my hand. Ask me about what I can create for you.


Hello world!

As I evolve my YouTube channel and my passions in the world of photography, video and story telling I will post it all here. Stay tuned for updates as to what I’m working on or who I’m working with. Maybe it’s you ?


Creating short and long form content. From travel vlogs to corporate videos. The story of “You” is the best story of all. Get your product or business known by creating a simple yet professional video. Show yourself and show off to the world, you deserve it. Contact me to find out the next step.